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Business Continuity Planning

If any of the following were to happen to your business would you know what to do to be able to solve the problem quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to your business?

  • Gas leak in your office building
  • A new recruit has an accident in the company van
  • Drivers of company vans are unable to carry out their daily deliveries to customers due to a nearby road closure
  • A fault is found in one of your new products
  • An IT virus spreads when an outside supplier emails their change of address details to a member of staff who subsequently forwards the email onto the whole office

If you wouldn't know exactly what to do in any of these circumstances then Princecroft Willis can help by providing you with a service to devise an easy to follow business continuity plan, which, in the event of a problem, details exactly what to do and who to contact in order to get your business running smoothly, as quickly as possible.

Business continuity planning is a very important part of managing a business. There have been a number of high profile corporate failures recently that could have been avoided, or the impact reduced, if there had been good continuity planning.

Insurance shouldn't be your only protection against damage to your business. Business continuity planning is essential, its many benefits include,

  • The ability to be able to respond quickly when faced with a problem
  • Potential risks are identified therefore this reduces the likelihood of problems arising
  • Responsibility for continuity plans is shared across all areas of the business which means everyone is responsible for the safety of the working environment and identification of potential problems
  • A thorough robust process is identified which may lead to reductions in insurance requirements and premiums

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